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Why Ukrainian Women?

A question that has been asked many times, "So Why Ukrainian Women?"  What makes them sospecial that men will travel half way around the world to meet them and when they find the right one, marry her?

Paul McCartney may said it best in the lyrics of his song "Back in the U.S.S.R.", when he wrote "The Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind, and Moscow girls make me scream and shout, they're always my mind..."

Before I go any further, allow me to make a statement, a disclaimer, so that I may not be presumed as a hater of Western / American women..

First, I don't believe or think that they are at all bad.  Growing up in Southern California, there are many attractive and beautiful women, and they are very intelligent. However, as I have traveled through Central America, Southern America, the Middle East and Europe, and across nearly the entire United States, I would have to unquestionably say that the most gorgeous women I have ever seen have been in the Slavic Countries, i.e., Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria etc.  Overall, they are the most glamorous, most beautiful and physically most attractive women I have ever seen, but I am partial to Ukrainian Women.

As I walk the streets of cities and towns throughout Ukraine, I am amazed at all of the strikingly beautiful and gorgeous ladies and young Ukrainian Ladies. Gentlemen, Not only are the good looking, but they have some of the most awesome bodies and figures I have ever seen. It is like a normal thing for the younger women and even middle aged women to stay in excellent shape. 

If one does a search on the internet, they will undoubtedly find that Ukrainian women are listed in the top three (3) positions, among countries in the world and Russian women are generally within the top five (5) positions.  

Now, there are gorgeous women in other countries, and they do deserve credit but if you are looking at shear number, by far, the Ukrainian Women out number the other countries by a long shot  when it comes to beauty.  Also, Ukrainian Women as a rule, in their younger years and into adulthood, take exceptional care of their bodies.  You will not find the problem of women being overweight, as in western countries, but rather  they pay attention to their appearance, so they can slide into those tight fitting pants and display their long, slender legs.

As a rule, they are much friendlier and desirous of having open and sincere conversations with a man, about virtually any topic. That is because nearly all of the women have either attended a University or Occupational Institute, which is equivalent to a four year college.  They also enjoy the simpler things in life, like just taking a long stroll in the park or along a lazy river. Again, it is to a guys benefit to take the time to walk and talk with a woman, this way becoming better acquainted with each other.

So Gentlemen, when you find that uniquely special woman and you visit with her in her country, you may realize that the both of you like each other and over time, you may fall in love. Then is the time when you must make a decision, will you move to her country or will you bring her to your country?  Most of the time, you will want to bring her to live with you in your country and when that happens and she arrives, she will feel very special and will treat you and respond to you in a very special and loving way, as long as you remain the respectful gentleman you were when you first met.  Ukrainian women are great res-ponders, if you will treat them with dignity and respect. If you begin to take her for granted, your relationship will suffer and she will become distanced from you and it will take a concerted effort on your part to win her back.

It is better, Gentlemen, to keep those flames of love burning in your relationship by telling her daily how much you care for her, you appreciate her and that you love her.  Bring her flowers on occasion or a small box of chocolates and you will be surprised at the warm and loving response you will receive from her. Don't take her for granted and remember, it is the little things to really count, the little things that we sometimes forget to do.