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A True Story and if you are not careful, this could happen to you.....

IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN ! ! !  Another American dreamer went to Eastern Europe on one of those infamous Dating Tours to meet Beautiful Ukrainian Women and came home, spending thousands of dollars more than he had anticipated. (His name has been removed, so as to not cause further embarrassment and shame.)  No, it is not myself….

Let us call him Fred. Fred believed the stories and the pitch given him, that he would meet beautiful, sexy Ukrainian women, be able to date them and very possibly find himself a Bride-to-Be.  He made his reservation, paid for the 7 day tour and then waited for that day to arrive.

The story becomes his nightmare, the result was not what he anticipated.  After getting off of the airplane in Kiev, along with several other gentlemen, they sat on the Express Train to Odessa and in a matter of hours met their host. They were whisked away to a lavish hotel along the waterfront and offered a tour of the city, before getting ready for their first social, later that evening.  After checking into the hotel and a change of clothes, most of the men went on a two hour tour of the beautiful city of Odessa and it’s beaches.

After arriving back at the hotel, Fred had time to freshen up and have dinner before it was time to gather and meet all of those beautiful Ukrainian ladies he was anticipating to see.  It is now 20:00 (8:00 pm) and to go down to the hotel nightclub, which had been reserved exclusively by the tour operator, and begin to meet these gorgeous ladies. When he opened the door to walk in, there were more than 50 well dressed, attractive women, ranging from the early 20’s to late 40’s. 

All of the women were extremely well dressed. He could tell that many of them had been to the beauty salon, to have their hair done and that a cosmetologist had worked to have them look exceptionally attractive. It was as if the women were participants in a Fashion Show or possibly a Beauty Contest.  They were stunning and definitely caught the attention of every man who walked into the room.

The MC began by speaking first to the women in Russian, telling the ladies that these gentlemen are here to meet the women and possibly find themselves a possible bride. “So, ladies be on your best behavior and catch yourself a man.” Then he spoke to the men and told them that the ladies are the crème of the crop of the best agencies in the city and that they are all serious about meeting the right man and settling down with him. “So guys, work your charm and mingle with the ladies, until you find one or two whom you really like and them it’s up to you to work your magic.”

Several of the men found empty booths and sat down and waited for women to join them and a number of others just stood in the center of the room and began to talk with some of the ladies who were nearby.  Fred spotted several very attractive Ukrainian young ladies, in their late 20’s early 30’s and began to dialogue with them.  Both of these women were tall, 5’9” to 5’10” and thin. They had stunningly gorgeous bodies, wore high, stiletto heels, miniskirts and low-cut blouses. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them and they greeted him with the warmest of smiles. As their conversation  began, he ordered cocktails for himself and the two ladies.  He was surprised that they ladies had a fair command of the English language and so he was able to communicate with them, without the use of a paid translator  and he begin to determine which one he liked the most .

After several hours of conversation, questions back and forth between them, some dancing and several more rounds of cocktails, Fred had determined that he liked the blond more than the redhead.  So he asked if the blond, Oksana, would care to join him for a walk along the waterfront, by moonlight. She agreed and so, shortly before midnight they began their moonlight stroll. Cafes and bars along the water’s edge are still open and couples are walking hand-in-hand. As they begin to walk, he gently takes her hand and they begin to talk, trying to get to know each other better. After several hours, it appears as if they are still both quite infatuated with each other and they find a secluded, quiet spot on a park bench, where he gently steals a kiss or two from her. He did not want to be too forward and presumptive, so it was just a little peck on her right cheek.

She, turned to him with a very large smile on her face and said, “I was wondering if you would every try to kiss me?” Our man, Fred, responded with a very large grin on his face and taking her in his arms, he passionately began to kiss her and she responded. They were locked in each others arms for the longest time.

Later that morning they went to breakfast together and decided to spend the day, in the city, walking and becoming better acquainted.  Now, after a delightful breakfast, overlooking the Black Sea, she began to lead our man through the downtown boutique district and when she saw something that she really liked, she let him know in no uncertain terms just how much she would like them and if he really liked her and cared about her, wanting her to be his woman, he would buy those things for her, and he did. Then again, there was another item, a gift she wanted. Then there was some jewelry, a dress, a fur coat and numerous other trinkets. Before he knew it, Fred had spent several thousand dollars on gifts and presents, but he did not realize exactly how much he had spent, thinking by buying her what she wanted, he was winning her hart and he would be able to find the woman he was looking for, one that would love him and be willing to care for him and eventually come to America and live there with him.

Rather than go with the rest of the men to the next city on the tour, Kherson, another major city not far from Odessa, he decided to stay in Odessa and spend more time with Oksana. He had made arrangements to meet the rest of the men who were on that tour, at the airport in Kiev, for the flight back to the States.

He and Oksana had a wonderful time eating in some of the finer restaurants in Odessa and taking long walks in some of the many beautiful parks. She even took him to some very private and very sheltered beaches, where they could spend intimate moments together, not bothered by others. In his mind, he had met the woman of his dreams and was getting very excited about what the future could bring.

His six days in city and countryside of Odessa, with his new found love, Oksana, were heaven and he really didn’t want to have to say good bye to her, but he didn’t want to miss his flight back to Southern California.  Oksana took him to the train station and saw him off and gave him her email address and telephone number, before he took the express train back to the Capital, Kiev and then the bus to the airport.

He felt great. He felt like he was on top of the world and the future ahead was going to be full of love and excitement and he envisioned having this beautiful woman in his life. He was beginning to make plans in his mind of all of the things that could be in store for them, after they marry and he brings her back to the U.S.

After arriving at the airport, he had about 4 hours before his flight was scheduled to leave and he thought he would give her a call and tell her that he missed her and would be in touch with her as soon as he arrives home, but when the person answered the telephone, he knew it was not Oksana’s voice. He asked for Oksana and the woman, an older woman said there was no Oksana at that number. He was stunned. Did he dial the right telephone number? He looked at his call log and the telephone number that she gave him and they were the same. He called again to the same number and once again the same voice answered, and told him that there is no Oksana at that telephone number. He should check what number he is dialing. 

“NO, she couldn’t have given me a wrong number deliberately?” That thought and others began to race through his mind. Was she just playing him along, making him believe that she liked him? If that was the case, what is he going to tell his friends, when he gets back home? So, he decided to send her and email from his Iphone and a short time later, there was a message on his Iphone, stating that the email sat in the qui too long and was bounced back. He tried sending it again and the same thing. Could it be that even her email address was a fake? 

It looks like Fred, who had such high hopes, just had his world crash, as he now realizes that an attractive young lady had a wonderful time and received many wonderful gifts at his expense. He cannot go to the credit card company and try to get his money back, because he freely bought those gifts for that lady.  He cannot say he was tricked into buying those items, or that there was fraud involved, though there may have been, because videos might show him making those purchases with a smile on his face. He was taken as a fool, to the cleaners and he has nobody to blame but himself.

Many men who sign up and go on Dating Tours to Ukraine or Russia encounter a similar fate. They meet an attractive woman who catches their attention and then appears to befriend them, making them think the women like the men and could be interested in them as a possible husband, only to have the men find out that there really was no intention for any long term relationship. She got what she wanted and she gave him a good time in exchange. But the men are left feeling empty, with a shallow feeling and thinking to themselves, “How could I have been so foolish to be taken advantage of, like this?”

Fred was not the first and he won’t be the last.  Just be careful that you don’t fall into the same trap. If you want to take one of those Dating tours, be aware of what could happen and very carefully check out the tour agency, their credentials and also if there are any derogatory Internet postings about them or their services. Not all negative posting are true and we all know that, but be careful and check them out carefully. Contact references and talk with them to get their feedback and thoughts about the quality of the services offered and received.  Then decide when and if you will book yourself a Dating Tour.


Watch Out. . .   This Could Happen to YOU.