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From our experience, most Dating and Marriage agencies want to get you to sign up for FREE and then they will milk the gentleman as long as possible.  They do this in various ways.  Some want you to pay a monthly fee to be able to use their services. Others do not charge a monthly or membership fee, but rather charge you for all of the varied services they offer and if you wish to communicate with Ukrainian Ladies, you have to pay and sometimes pay very dearly, as much as $20.00 per letter. And then, you don't really know who you are writing to?  Is it the woman in the picture or some Ukrainian Girl sitting in an office, whose job it is to write letters to foreign men? 

We don't believe that has to be the case.  We don't think you need to have a long, drawn out correspondence period with the lady, where you may ed up spending hundreds of dollars just to read some letters. Then it costs even more money to obtain her contact information, if it is real or not.  In our opinion, we believe that it is best to meet your Ukrainian Woman as soon as possible and to see if your personalities will really click.

You can do as I had done, written different ladies for a protracted period of time, believing that I was really communicating with the Ukrainian Woman in the picture, only to find out later, that those ladies had no Idea what I had written or that some girl from the agency was writing on her behalf to me, filling my thoughts with fanciful ideas. Seeing pictures of attractive Ukrainian Women and beginning to think the they are writing you back, most men may begin to live in a fantasy world of want and desire. I too fell into that trap and for that reason, I paid the price. In my search for the kind of Ukrainian Woman I was desired, I did finally find her, due to a mistake the agency made after I called and complained that I was having a difficult time trying to reach her at the telephone number they had given me. So, they then gave me, what they said was an alternate number and that happened to be her real telephone number, and that was the real beginning of our relationship and then marriage.

I can honestly say, the very best way to marry a Ukrainian lady is to meet her, face to face, get to know and begin to understand her and allow her to get to know you.  Show her that you are a true gentleman, open the car door, pull out the chair and seat her at the restaurant and always bring her a gift when you go to pick her up or meet her.  If you will do the basic and simple things, you will win her heart and she will be yours for ever. 

Now, after you both establish the fact that you like each other, don't make the mistake that some make and that is to forget to be a gentleman. Men will sometimes begin to take the partners for granted and fall back into the same old rut.  If you do forget, you will notice that her response to you may turn a little cold and that is because you dropped the ball.  You don't want to do that. If you can get into the habit of displaying respect, care and affection for her on a continuing daily basis, you will be surprised at how your relationship with her will flourish and she  will begin to treat you as her king, doing things that most other women, especially those in the Western world, would not even consider doing for you.  Why do I say that?  Because that is the life I have been living for the past year, living out what some might call a "Fairy Tale Relationship of Love." It has been a One Year long Honeymoon, so far and I really don't want it to change.

So, To help you meet your Special Ukrainian Lady as quickly as possible, that is why we want you to "Date" as many as three (3) to (4) four ladies during your visit to Ukraine and that way, you should be able to select the one who you believe would be your best match.  Honestly, it's almost like going shopping for a suit or a new car. (You get what I mean.) If  you schedule to spend a week or more, here in Ukraine, then it would be very possible for you to consider having a second or third date with the one whom you really like the most and try to solidify your relationship with her.

Again, using the services of My House of Dreams, there are No Long Term commitments.  We want to help you find her as quickly as possible and then the rest is  up to you, but remember, always be a proper gentleman and you'll be pleasantly surprised at her response.

Good Luck and we Wish You Well.....