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As previously stated, we are not the typical Dating and Marriage agency or Match Making site.  We want all of our client / members to find the person they are looking for, the person they would like to spend the remainder of their life with. 

As owner of the agency, I am a Ukrainian/American, and my name is Vladimir Sirota. I have lived and worked in the US for more than 60 years and reside in California and Ukraine, and am married a beautiful Ukrainian woman.  The both of us have discussed the idea of starting an Agency, thoroughly, for some time and decided to HELP WESTERN GENTLEMEN MEET REAL UKRAINIAN and RUSSIAN WOMEN.  I will be able to assist our English speaking clients to better understanding the various nuances and cultural differences as well as help them to feel right at home, when they come to meet that special lady.  Also, we will not do as 95 to 98% of the other agencies and try to rip the gentlemen off, but really work hard to help each man find the right woman and pair them together. We're not going to use package software, so I am having a designer and programmer work with us to write a new software program to offer the services our clients need and want, as well as to make them feel genuinely cared for. (Until then, please bare with us for a few months until the software is written and installed. We will be doing most of the work necessary, by manual labor.) Oh how fun it will be.......

For that reason, we will do things and offer services that are out of the norm for most agencies.  Other agencies may say that they will do certain things for you, but be assured that most of the time, you will be left hanging.  You will not receive the kind of service that you might be expecting.  You may be thinking you are communicating with the lady whose profile you have read and the picture you have seen, but most likely, she cannot read or speak English.  So, who are you writing to?  Most of the time, it will be a girl who works for the agency to correspond with the men on behalf of the ladies and the ladies are not aware of what is being communicated, on their behalf.  I can tell you that for a fact. 

I want to be right up front and honest with our clients / members and if the lady cannot read or speak English, we will let you know.  Then, if a translator is required, we will provide a translator at NO COSTto YOU, but be assured that the lady you are interested in will receive your letter translated for her and then after she responds to you, her response will be translated into the English language for you and YES, you will have honest and true communication with her. She will also get a copy of your letter to her, exactly as you wrote it and we will send you a copy of her letter before translation, so that if you want to, you can have it translated and compare to what you receive through our service.  There will be no trickery and this will not be like a "Shell Game" at the Fair. 

If you have found that fortunate Ukrainian Woman, you can give her the opportunity to learn to speak English by purchasing for her a Computer Language course, where she will be able to learn the basics of spoken English, so she will be able to communicate, speak with you within about 6 to 8 weeks.  So, after you find the one you are looking for, encourage her, if she has not already begun, to take the course and learn to speak English.

We also offer our members, gentlemen and ladies, an opportunity to take a personality profile, to help them determine what is their personality type and to help them match up with a person whose personality would be a complement to their own. Should you choose to submit to the personality profile test, please make a request to take the test and the summary results will be sent to you personally, as well as on your profile.  In this manner, the results can help potential partners match up with a personality style that would complement their own.

There have been some gentlemen who have asked us about Pre Nuptial Agreements. We are neither attorneys nor legal consultants and can not give you advice to that question.  Should you have concern, we suggest you speak with your legal council and take their advice. You may love the woman, but you also need to protect your assets (Paul McCartney, case in point.....)

Now, with the growing concern in the world today regarding AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, we would ask that each person registering with My House of Dreams, affirm that they neither have AIDS or STD's. Should a potential partner ask of you, to provide proof that you neither have AIDS or STD's, we would ask that you comply with their request and set their mind at ease. This is not a requirement, but rather a request.  Please be mindful and thoughtful of the other person.


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