You've taken the time to search through our Gallery of Women and you probably have found a woman you are very interested in.  You have been writing her and reading her letters to you. Most likely, you have begun to develop feeling toward her and like her.  An attraction toward each other is beginning to grow.  You like her and you wish that you could be able to talk with her, but she does not know the English language or she may have studied it in school, when she was young and has not had any practice. So she may understand just a little, but she does not have the ability to freely speak English. 

We have made available, an English Language Course ($75.00), the anyone can utilize to learn English. All that is required, is a computer and our English Program CD's.  Any person who will take the time to listen and verbally repeat the lessons will, within a relatively short time, several months, be able to have basic English speaking skills.

The program begins with very basic phrases and all the student needs to do is repeat the phrase. If not properly said, pronounced, they remain on that phrase until they can say it correctly. Then they move to the next phrase. Each level and lesson become a little more difficult. So, by the time one completes the program, they will be able to carry on a normal conversation in English.

To order this CD Language Program for your Lady, you will find it listed in our Gift Store.

Cost for the Language Program is only $75.00 and consists of several CD's with Instructions in Russian so the lady can install the Program herself and should she have need of assistance and help, there is a telephone number where a Russian speaking Customer Service Representative will be able to help them and answer there questions.

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