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We believe that the best way to determine if you and a Ukrainian Lady will like each other and that your chemistry works, is by a face-to-face meeting.  So, for that reason, we encourage you to begin, shall we say, "Shopping our Catalog", and for that, you have to REGISTER.


Registering is the First Step. Then, you will have FREE access of our Catalog of  Ukrainian Women. You will be able to see or catalog of Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies, check out their Personal Profiles and decide which ones you like. Being that we are a new Service/Agency, we are in an ongoing process of vetting the Ukrainian Women who desire to register with us and as soon as a lady will be fully checked out and vetted, she will be added to our Catalog of Ukrainian Women. Take time to view their pictures Personal Profiles and see which of our ladies interests you most.(We suggest you select several women, not just one.) It is FREE to view our Catalog and to read the information on our website.


Now that you have been able to view our catalog and maybe have found one or two Ukrainian  Ladies you would like to communicate with, before you will be able to send and receive messages from them, you will have to become a Member and pay the Membership fee. (That's right, there is a Membership Fee.) Take a moment and complete and submitting a membership application with the appropriate processing fee of $125.00. Our Membership Verification staff will do a complete background check, establishing that your information is true and correct. Upon completion and approval, you will receive a communique giving you the GO-Ahead and your personal Membership Number. Once you have your Member Number, you will be able to begin communicating with the ladies you are interested in.   (Members,there is no cost to you for any communication or even the translation of letters.  IT'S FREE.)  We are not like the Natasha Club or Anastasia network of Agencies..... They charge you for everything......


After you have found a Ukrainian Woman or women you are interested in and have become a Member, receiving your Member Number, there is
NO COST TO WRITE OR RECEIVE LETTERS FROM HER. That's right, NO COST to communicate with the woman or women you are interested in. Once you have your Member Number, you can begin to write them letters or message by clicking the "Link", titled, “Send A Messages”. You will be taken to a New Page and there you will fill in the Blanks, type your message and send it. If necessary, your message will be accurately translated for her and she will receive your translated letter, as well as your original. Then, wait for a response from her. (We recommend that you possibly establish communication with two or three, or maybe four ladies in the same city or region.)


So, you have been communicating with several women, and now, you think, it is time for you to actually come to Ukraine, meet these Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies, Face-to-Face, and decide which one will be best for you. If a woman has honestly written to you, she is also very interested in meeting you and seeing if there would be that magic between you and her. When you are ready to take the next step and come to Ukraine, you go to our online store, order and pay for the “SVATTA” Agreement. This is where that Extra Personal Touch comes into play.

The "SVATTA" Agreement will be the sum of $495.00 and NO OTHER Charges.  If you would like we will work with you to get you the very best airline tickets from your closest International airport to Kiev.  Then, transportation from Borispol Airport to the Train Station and then the Express Train to Dnepropetrovsk, or the city where you ladies are located.  Upon arrival, you will be greeted at the Train Station and taken to breakfast at our expense. Once here, we can arrange for you, a private apartment, reserved, in the City Center, at the comfort level you so choose and you will have the morning or day to relax and become adjusted to being in Ukraine.

I, Vladimir will contact you by telephone and we will discuss your goals and desires, then  myself and my assistant will personally contact each woman you have selected, present them with your profile and pictures (Even thought they have seen all of that in our Catalog.). We will do everything, humanly possible, short of lying to them, to arrange your meetings with the Ukrainian Women you have chosen, building up their excitement and interest level. We  will be in contact with her/them regularly, to keep their interest peeked, but you too will have to do your part and continue to stay in touch with them.

When speaking with your choices of Ukrainian Ladies, we will make every attempt to answer their questions and determine their level of interest in meeting with you. We cannot make definite promises, but we will do all we can, that is within our power, to set meetings with all of the ladies you had chosen and share with you, our perspective of their desire and willingness. (I suggest that your meetings be early in the day, before noon, so that if things go well, you can spend the day and possibly dinner together and determine if there would be something to base a relationship upon.) In this manner, you could possibly have three (3) or four (4) dates and then begin to decide which may be the best for you, and should you click early with one gal, then it would be your choice to cancel the remainder and devote your time to her. 

Should any of your ladies not be able to communicate with you in English, then we will provide for you, a translator, FREE, at no additional cost to you. This is our gift to you. We want you to be able to communicate with the Ukrainian Woman or Women you are looking forward to spending time with.

Once you have entered into a "SVATTA Agreement", you will be able to freely communicate with the ladies, by telephones and SKYPE, should they allow you to have that contact information. In this manner, you will be able to begin to establish some form of relationship with your Ukrainian Ladies before you actually meet them face-to-face.

When you arrive in Ukraine, your itinerary will be ready for you and all of your ladies contact information will be readily available for you. The ladies name and the date and time of your rendezvous, and whether you will have a translator available for you.  

Remember, when meeting a Ukrainian Lady, it is advisable to present her with Flowers or a Gift of some sort.  For them, this is very romantic and really guys, you want o step out on the Right Foot and begin by making points.  This is how you will do it. Be a real gentleman and she will be eating out of the palm of your hand.