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Gentlemen, being I was raised and have lived in the United States of America for most of my life, I will use their dating norms as a reference.  Now when dating Ukrainian woman, it is just a little bit different than dating a western woman.  So when you finally find that "Right" Ukrainian woman and you really think that she is the one for you. You will want to go and meet her and begin to date her, but be aware that courtship and Dating Ukrainian Women differs greatly for them, then it does for a western woman. 

It is important for you to understand that for Ukrainian Women, the term Dating refers to the fact that she is exclusively seeing one specific man, you and that this relationship is heading toward marriage. So Dating Ukrainian Women becomes a serious matter.

When dating a Ukrainian Woman, you have to understand that they are very "Romantic".  They will always dress very nicely and be very presentable.  They want to feel and be special for their man and they desire to hear that from her man as well as to receive those special little gifts that make her feel Special.

It is very possible that you may have seen a special on television or on Youtube, about men traveling to Russia or Ukraine on those Dating Tours.  They go there with the hopes of dating several or sometimes many Ukrainian Ladies, but they end up coming home empty-handed.  The men may have had thoughts that this would be like nothing they could have ever imagined, almost like shooting ducks in a barrel, but it turns out to be a far cry from that.

Compliments and gifts go along way in breaking the ice and starting the relationship off on the right foot.  Failure to do the little things puts the woman into a position of feeling unappreciated and slighted and then they can become very unforgiving, not wanting to understand the mans excuses or apologies. 

Again compliments and those little gifts go a long way in helping to meet the Ukrainian Woman's desire and need for "Romance".  Remember, those simple little gestures like opening doors, pulling out a chair at lunch or dinner, a small box of chocolates, a single flower or a bouquet of flowers and holding her hand as you walk along the boulevard. These are simple little things but to a Slavic woman, you are making major points.

Another important point to know and understand and that is in the Slavic countries, it is customary, when meeting a woman's parents, to bring a gift.  Again, it does not have to be elaborate, but something like a box of candies or a mixed bouquet of flowers and if she happens to have a child or two, don't forget to also bring them a small gift.  If a man fails to do these kind of simple things, he may surly  loose major points, or even that woman.  WHY?  Because in her eyes, the man is showing little respect for her close loved ones.

If you come to that point where you will be planning a trip to meet your Ukrainian Lady, you can buy those little gifts and chocolates at home and bring them with you. Then, after arriving, you will find flower stand everywhere and even in the supermarkets.

If you have followed our advice to this point, you are probably doing very well in your new relationship, but there are a few more things I need to bring to your attention.  In the Slavic countries, there are certain holidays which are very special to women:

     International Women's Day

     Saint Valentines Day

     Mother's Day, and do not forget

     the Woman's Birthday

As a point of common sense, Gentlemen, with respect to the topic of "Money", there is a great disparity between what a person in the Western world earns and what someone in a Slavic country earns.  So as to not offend the woman, "DO NOT" bring up the fact that items in their country are relatively inexpensive.  You have to attempt to understand that they try to get by on what earn and they are very proud of that.  Again, compliments go a long way, guys.

A Ukrainian woman is concerned about her security and when meeting and beginning to date a foreign man, they may ask about your financial situation or status.  It is best to not get into that subject in detail, at first, but wait until you both have spent some time together. It is best to brush over it and just tell her that you earn enough money to live on and you would be able to care for her as well, and that she will be lacking for nothing.

One last point and that if a woman should want you to really go overboard on her and buy her some very expensive items, be diplomatic and find a way to deal with not buying it for her at this point in time. 

Well Gentlemen, now that you better understand Ukrainian Women, you are ready to plan your first trip in the hopes of meeting her and establishing that "Life Long Relationship" you desire.