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Translation or Letters:..........$0.00

Send/Receive Photos:..........$0.00


I.M.B.R.A. App:................$40.00

"SVATTA" Agreement:....$495.00

Travel, Lodging, Meals, etc. shall be at your own expense.


We would like to take this moment to THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to view our website, We trust you have seen some very Attractive and Beautiful Women.  We are not at all like most of the other International Dating and Marriage Service, because our intent is to help you find the right woman for yourself.  No, we will not do the work for you, but we will be there to assist you as best we can.  The real work will be up to you.

Our Cost Structure for services will be greatly different from other service. Why?  Because we vet not only our Woman, but also our Gentlemen. We want only the highest quality of people in our membership and for that reason our members can be assured that we have done all that is humanly possible to weed out the Scammers.

Though there is No Cost to Register, to view our general information, you will not be able to view the ladies profiles or begin communicating with them, until you have purchased a Membership. Then you will receive a Membership Number and complete access to all of the Women's profiles and photographs.  You will also be able to begin communicating with the women you are interested in.  Should your letter to her need to be translated, we will do that for you at NO CHARGE and she will receive a copy of your letter as well as the translated letter, for assurance.  Should her letter to you need translation service, that too will be done at NO CHARGE and  you will receive a copy of her original letter as well as the translated version for you to read.

When you have come to the decision to actually make a trip to meet your new friend or friends, face-to-face and see which one, if any could be a serious relationship, that is when you would enter sign a "SVATTA" Agreement, for $495.00.  You would provide us with the name(s) and Member Number(s) and we will meet with them personally to inform them of your intent and desire. we will encourage them to have this face-to-face and attempt to create an anticipatory feeling in them, so that when you arrive, there should be no problems or uneasiness or hesitation, but hopefully the excitement of your meeting. During this time, if she does not have a command of the English language, it might be beneficial for her to consider taking an English Language Speaking course, so she could be able to at least, basically communicate with you.

Should you require a translator to accompany with your ladies. that will be provided for  you at no additional charge. That is right, no additional charge for a live translator to help you communicate a Lovely Ukrainian Beauty.

Cost of Services