18 October, 2015

Jim Arm..... (Coos Bay, OR)

You've got some fine looking gals on your site.  Are they really interested in Meeting guys from America?  Are these gals for real or what?

Hey Jim, they are for real and you bet, these women are interested in meeting and hooking up with western gentlemen. They are looking for men, with whom to have a loving relationship, leading to marriage.

29 October, 2015

Steve Cam..... (Newark, NJ)

You know, I've looked at alot of those sites with Russian girls and I saw some of those same girls on different sites.  Are your girls on those other sites?

Steve, there are a few Women Dating Networks, with hundreds of affiliate agencies throughout Russia, Ukraine and Europe, in general and you will see the same girls in almost every one of those sites.  The women registered through our Agency, we know them personally and to the best of our knowledge, they are registered only with us.  

5 November, 2015

Bud Lo... (Austin, TX)

Are those girls trying to get away from all of that fighting and war going on or what?

Well you know Bud, In my conversations with many of these women, I have found that they are very Patriotic and love Ukraine and support the soldiers fighting on behalf of Ukraine.  To answer your question, NO, they are not looking to run away, but if they were to meet a man with whom they would fall in love, they would choose to be with him, wherever he lives.

17 November, 2015

Brian Ken.... (Costa Mesa, CA)

I've seen a few women on your site I'm interested in, is it for real that after registering there is no limit to how much we can write each other?  The last club I was in, I spent a fortune on writing letters and nothing really came from my letters.

Yes Brian, after registering with us, you can write all of the women you are interested in, without question.  It's interesting you mentioned other sites charging you for writing women or is it for opening their letters.  We have heard that from others, how much it cost to communicate with women on those sites.  That will not be the case after you register with My House of Dreams.

20 November, 2015

Bill Hern..... (Bullhead City, AZ)

Do the girls on your site only speak Ukrainian?

No Bill, they also speak Russian.  Bill, the official language of the country is Ukrainian, but nearly everyone also speaks Russian and many women, studies English when they were in school and University, but without practice, one forgets or becomes rusty.  So it is with many of the women, they may have a basic knowledge of English, but have not practiced speaking and have forgotten or at best have a difficult time speaking.

24 November, 2015

Bob Mil... (Grants Pass, OR)

Is there any problem getting a Visa to go to the Ukraine and check out the gals?  How long and where do I have to get the Visa?

Bob, first of all, for American Citizens, there is NO VISA REQUIREMENT.  However, you are limited to a 90 day stay in the country and then you MUST leave and be out of country for 90 days before being able to return for another 90 days.  Once again, you do not need a Visa. Just take the time to become acquainted with one or more women and then plan to visit them to find the one for you.








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