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Why We Created a Dating Service for Professionals

Welcome to a Unique Online Dating Service.....  

You may have searched and looked at the countless Marriage and Dating sites on the internet, thoughts may have come to mind regarding the honestly of the sites or the individuals appearing on those various websites.  Are they for real? Do the women really look as beautiful and gorgeous as their pictures? Is everything they list in their profile true and correct?  Is it really that woman who is communicating with me or someone writing on their behalf? You'd be surprised to know the truth.....

How do you really know what to believe?

Those are valid questions and they should be asked.  Well, let us set your mind at ease about My House of Dreams. The founder of this site had that same question and after searching for more than four years, finally found the "Woman of his Dreams" and that, by accident, fortunately, because the agency he was working with made a grave mistake and gave him the woman's TRUE telephone number. That's right, they gave him a real working telephone number and the woman answered. That was the beginning of their relationship.  Most International Dating and Marriage agencies will not be truthful with their clients and give then the correct contact information.  That is a rarity if a person actually makes contact, short of traveling to her country and meeting the woman face to face.  And even then, those Dating Tours are more of a scam than to meet the woman you think you have been communicating with all of this time. She does not exist..... ( Want to know the truth?  Read  

Most International Dating and Marriage agencies do their best to earn as much money from their male clients as they can and which is primarily done by either charging for every bit of correspondence between the man and the woman as well as telephone calls, via translators or at the agency office.  Then there are the over priced gifts, flowers and candies that are offered, as well as the Tours, where you meet many women and are prey to the need to buy the women gifts at the meetings or on you official date.

You can rest assured, knowing that is not how My House of Dreams operates.  We are not at all like those other International Agencies. Our fees are fair for the  services which we offer and if you choose to send flowers, gifts or candies, they will be at a fair price, respective of the country and the region where your chosen one is located and we will have a photograph of your lady receiving her gift, sent to you as a courtesy, showing you she did receive your gift.

All of our members are carefully screened and vetted, both men and women, and we do our very best to weed out the Scammers. That is right, each member is vetted and their background is checked, as well as they are offered an opportunity to take a personality profile, to help in matching personalities.  The rest will be up to you.

We want you have a favorable experience, and that you will find your perfect match.

We want your
“Dreams” to Come True!